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Renting in Texas doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you are considering a rental house, apartment, or condo, I can assist you in narrowing down your criteria and organizing your search often at no cost to you!

While rental requirements may vary according to properties, the general qualifications are:

Income: Applicants must show proof of verifiable income reflecting at least three times the monthly rental rate of the interested property.

Rental History: Applicant's rental history must be in good standing up to the previous two years.

Criminal Background: Criminal background checks and guidelines will vary by property.

Applicants may be required to show verifiable proof of available savings.
General fees:

  • Application Fee ($25-$150)
  • Deposit (equal to 1st month's rent)
  • Pet Deposit (if applicable)
  • Admin fees (if applicable)

My service areas include Collin and Dallas Counties, serving the following areas: Dallas, Richardson, Plano, and Allen. If you are outside of these areas, inquire with me anyway, I may be able to help!

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